At a Glance

Korea’s Most Stable Life Insurance Company

Created in 1989, DB Life has since grown into one of the leading players of Korea’s insurance industry, and its profit-driven management has earned it
the reputation as the country’s most stable life insurance company. DB Life, specialized in whole life insurance products,offers a portfolio qualitatively
superior to many of our competitors’. Reaching out to customers through our agent network, With varied marketing channels, including telemarketing and
direct marketing, we thrive on the trust vested in us by our many satisfied customers.

Mainstay of DB Financial Network

DB Life, with DB Group, Korea’s 12th largest business group, as its major shareholder, is one
of six firms making up this financial network, including DB Insurance, DB Securities, DB
Savings Bank, DB Asset Management and DB Capital. DB Life is the acknowledged
mainstay of this robust financial group and also one of the most vibrant players among the six firms.

Proven Competence in Asset Management

DB Life effectively manages assets under its care by analyzing yield structures of each investment
products using ALM and MVS, and selecting only the best and most adapted investment options. Our
risk management system enables us to systemically respond to financial risks at all levels for safe as
well as profitable investment of our customers’ assets.

Scientific Insurance Policy Management

Thanks to our active CRM activities, DB Life is able to learn about customer purchase patterns and propose our customers products that are optimally
adapted to their individual financial needs and preferences. Our number-one position in the industry commanding with the highest sale closing rate indeed
owes much to our scientific and organized approach to customer management.

Industry’s Top Coverage

DB Life is specialized in whole life insurance and non cash-value life insurance products. Thanks to its long years of experience in the business, DB
is able to offer the industry’s top coverage at low premiums, and has helped many customers design a secure future for themselves and their loved ones.

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