CEO Message

CEO, DB Life Insurance. SUNG-TAIK LEE

Thank you very much for saving the DB life
and for your unfailing trust and love.

Established in 1989, DB life reached 10 trillion won in assets in 2016 and it has been developed as a midsize insurance company, such as maintaining AA- stable grade.

DB life is the center of all business and will be a good company to help customers make rational choices. DB life also committed to providing new value to customers and to keep their customers ' assets safe through the best possible management efficiency.

As a result of these efforts, the Commission obtained the first five consecutive best quality classes in the assessment of the understanding of the terms and conditions of Korea Insurance Development Institute. Moreover, the company was authorized to manage its customer centered management performance from a trusted external agency such as the CCM(Consumer Centered Management) certification committee.

In the future, DB life will be a best friend of yours and always dependable friends.

I sincerely hope that your family will be filled with health and happiness.

Thank you very much.
President & CEO
Tae-Oon Lee