Ethics & Integrity

We, the members of DB Life
pledge to abide by the following guidelines in our professional judgment and actions

Ethical Principles of DB Life

Under the shared vision of “DB Life Insurance, the best financial consultants, trusted by customers!” DB Life’s management team and employee
body work together toward the company goal of becoming “an advanced insurance firm operating with optimal management efficiency.”

Under this overarching objective, members of DB Life pledge that they shall face the tasks assigned to each of them with responsibility and
professionalism, required by the special mission with which each of them is vested, within the common pursuit of prosperity for customers, shareholders, the
nation and society and the body of employees; and shall at all times conduct themselves in awareness and observance of his or her personal obligation to
company goals and visions.

Pledge of Ethical Conduct

  1. In recognition of the fact that our corporation owes its very existence to customers and that all future progress and growth vitally depend on them, we shall always respect our customers, continuously seek to improve customer service, defend their interests and strive to generate value for them.
  2. While fulfilling our ethical obligation to our profession as individuals, we shall also aim to create an organization culture that is informed by respect for human values, which we recognize as a paramount step toward both our own professional development and achieving the company visions.
  3. In our business activities, our conduct shall at all times be professional, and meet the standard of decency and dignity expected of us. Our profit-seeking endeavors shall under no circumstances trespass the boundaries of ethics and laws, and each and every one of us shall do our best to be the example of integrity for the insurance industry at large.
  4. Through rational management, professionalism and performance, we shall maximize company value and shareholder value, and contribute to the advancement of the regional community and the national economy.
    Committed to equity and integrity in business activities, and in respect and observance of the order of the community we belong to, we shall assume our civic duties toward it and contribute to its progress and, by extension, to that of the national economy.